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Programme for Hotel, Restaurant and Bakery

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The programme for Hotel, Restaurant and Bakery is intended for those who wish to work with cooking, baking and food.
You can also choose this programme if you wish to work on looking after guests at hotels and restaurants.
You must like to work with service and like meeting different people.

This is what you learn on the programme

You will learn cooking, baking and serving.
You will learn about how to take care of different foods and how to work in
different types of kitchens.

On the programme you will also learn about hygiene, nutrition, special diets
and the serving of alcohol.
You will work on different tasks which will train you for working in hotels.
You will train to work with others and to offer good service to customers and

Work environment (health & safety) issues are an important part of the programme to ensure that you do not suffer workplace injuries in future and to ensure that you have good health in the workplace