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Programme for crafts and production

Engelska (ENG)

The programme for crafts and production is intended for those who wish to work with different crafts or with the making of products of different kinds.
This programme is intended for those who like to work in a practical way in creating a product.

This is what you learn on the programme

You will work on tasks within craftsmanship (handicrafts) and production.
You obtain knowledge about how craftsmanship and production take place
and how you can use machinery and tools. This may involve the design and
making of craft items, assembly and welding.
You will also learn how to look after and use machinery and tools in a safe
You will also learn about different production methods and you acquire
knowledge of different materials used within handicraft and production.
On the programme you practise working with others and dealing with customers in a way that puts the accent on good service.
Work environment (health & safety) issues are an important part of the programme to ensure that you do not suffer workplace injuries in future and to
ensure that you have good health in the workplace.