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Programme for Forest, Land and Animals

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The programme for forest, land and animals is intended for those who wish to work with different tasks within land management.
This may involve work with farming, parks or horticulture.
It may also involve work looking after forests or in different ways managing the environment in the countryside.
If you are interested in animal husbandry then this programme is also appropriate for you.

This is what you learn on the programme

You will have the possibility to learn and practise working with tasks within
agriculture, forestry, horticulture or with animal husbandry.

On the programme you will learn about plants and animals.
You will develop your knowledge about the ecological relationships in nature.
You will, for example, learn how to look after gardens and parks.
You will also acquire knowledge of the cultivation of flowers and vegetables.
If you choose to work with animals you will, for example, have the opportunity of developing your knowledge of horse or farm animal care.

You will acquire knowledge of how to use and manage the tools and machinery that you need in your work.

On the programme you will familiarise yourself with working with others and
having the facility to meet and talk with different persons.

Work environment (health & safety) issues are an important part of the programme to ensure that you do not suffer workplace injuries in future and to ensure that you have good health in the workplace.