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This is the Swedish school system

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From preschool to university.

Your child can go to preschool from the age of 1. Preschool is voluntary. From the autumn of the year that your child turns 3, he or she has the right to attend public preschool. Public preschool comprises 15 hours a week and is free of charge. In preschool, the children are to be given the opportunity to develop and learn through play and creativity, both on their own, in groups and together with adults.

For children from the age of 6, it is compulsory to begin in a reception class (kindergarten). After the reception class (kindergarten), the children begin compulsory school or equivalent types of school. Pupils between 6 and 13 years of age can attend activities at a recreation centre that is open before and after school and during school breaks and offers meaningful activities during the time that their parents work or study.

Compulsory school education is compulsory for all children. In Sweden, school attendance is required for the reception class (kindergarten) and years 1-9 of compulsory school, in other words for ten years.

After that, most young people attend upper secondary school (high school) for three years. If you are new to Sweden and have been granted a permanent residence permit, you have a right to begin upper-secondary education if you have time to begin in the spring semester of the year that you turn 20. If you are an asylum seeker, you have the right to begin upper-secondary education before you turn 18, but some requirements on passing grades apply. The upper-secondary school can prepare you to begin working directly afterwards or to continue studying at vocational college or at university.