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Higher vocational education

Engelska (ENG)

At a higher vocational education programme, one is educated for a profession after upper-secondary school or municipal adult education (Komvux). There are many professions to choose from. The programmes are most often between one and three years long and combine theory in school with placement out at workplaces.

It is a requirement to have adequate knowledge of Swedish to be able to complete the programme and it is the school that determines if it is adequate. Some schools provide extra support in Swedish with a professional orientation.

You can apply for higher vocational education if you have

  • a Swedish upper-secondary diploma from upper-secondary school or Komvux
  • a foreign education that is equivalent to an upper-secondary diploma
  • prerequisites to complete the programme through Swedish or foreign education, practical experience or in some other way.

When one does not meet the formal requirements

If you do not meet the formal entry requirements, there may nonetheless be a possibility to be admitted to a programme. The schools sometimes make exceptions if they believe that the student can handle the programme and work within the profession the programme leads to. Contact the school and ask what applies there.

How to apply

Each school itself handles admissions to its programmes. Therefore contact the school directly to find out what rules apply there in particular.

The vocational college’s programmes can be found here: