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Programme for Health, Nursing
and Care

Engelska (ENG)

The programme for Health, Nursing and Care is intended for those who wish to work with people of different ages and in different situations.
This may involve working with recreational activities and preschool.
It may also involve working with older people and their need for nursing and care.
The programme will also suit those who are interested in those issues concerning how diet and exercise can affect us humans.
You must like working with people and want to work providing service.

This is what you learn on the programme

You will learn about people’s development and the different needs that people have, both children and the elderly.
You will acquire knowledge of different disabilities and of nursing and care.
You have the opportunity of learning about health and illnesses.
You will also learn how the choice of lifestyle affects your health.
On the programme you will learn about human rights and reflect on democratic values and different ethical issues.
Work environment (health & safety) issues are an important part of the programme to ensure that you do not suffer workplace injuries in future and to
ensure that you have good health in the workplace.