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Natural Sciences Programme

Are you interested in nature, physics, and chemistry and want to understand how everything is connected? If you are interested in natural science subjects and issues, this is the programme for you.

Video: Video briefly describing the Natural Sciences Programme (Runtime: 3:59)

What you will learn in the Natural Sciences Programme

You will develop your knowledge of contexts in nature, conditions of life, physical phenomena, chemical processes and mathematics. You will study natural scientific ideas and theories, both as part of history and current research.

In the programme, you will develop a scientific approach in which you learn to think critically, reason logically, solve problems, and make systematic observations. You will evaluate different sources and distinguish between assertions that have a scientific basis and those that do not. You will work practically with experiments, laboratory sessions and field studies.

You will stimulate your curiosity, creativity and ability to think analytically and develop good habits in terms of your use of modern technology and equipment.

The lab work has been the most fun part of the programme. Whether we get to use new tools or new chemicals, it’s always fun to see what we’ve read about unfold before our eyes.

Ali / Natural Sciences Programme

Intended learning outcomes

The intended learning outcomes define what a learner will have acquired and will be able to do upon successfully completing their studies in a particular upper secondary school programme.

The intended learning outcomes for the Natural Sciences Programme (

Programme structure

In the programme structure, you can see which subjects and courses are included in the educational programme. You can also see how many credits are earned for each course.

Programme structure for the Natural Sciences Programme (pdf)

Two different specialisations

Natural Sciences

  • You will learn about biology, physics, chemistry and mathematics.

Science and Society

  • You will learn about natural sciences, social studies and geography.

Diploma project

At the end of the Natural Sciences Programme, you must complete a diploma project. You must formulate a question and plan and carry out, and then evaluate a large project that is based on important areas of knowledge within the programme.

After the programme

This programme lays the foundation for further studies in natural sciences, mathematics, technology, and social sciences at the university level.

Eligibility for studies after completing the programme

If you want to fulfil the specific entry requirements for a particular higher education programme, it is important to plan your studies. If you want to continue your studies, it is a good idea to speak with a study and career counsellor.

Use the entry requirements viewer to see the higher education programmes which you are eligible to apply to after graduation

I want to work with medical research or gene modification. I’ll continue my studies at university to make sure I get the job I’m aiming for.

Ali / Natural Sciences Programme