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Technology Programme

Do you like to solve problems? Do you like to figure out and analyse things? If you want to work with technology and technological processes, this is the programme for you.

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What you will learn in the Technology Programme

You will develop your knowledge of engineering, physics, chemistry and mathematics with a focus on technical processes. You will learn to see the connections between various parts as technology develops and understand how technological development occurs in society. You will study both existing technology and the development of new technologies.

The programme felt like a broad line of study that opens up many different possibilities after graduation. The design specialisation seemed exciting but also interesting, as design is something I’m interested in.

Amelie / student in the Technology Programme specialising in Design and Product Development

Much of the programme’s education takes the form of projects. You will search for and process information in a source-critical manner. Your learning will be based on practical assignments that you will complete individually or in groups. You will hone your ability to develop new and creative solutions, and learn more about the possibilities of running your own business.

You will learn about various forms of technology and which solutions are suitable for different target groups and occasions. The programme also places great emphasis on sustainability.

You will practice analysing, modelling, simulating, assessing plausibility, developing, seeing connections, drawing conclusions and making arguments for/against various technical systems.

Intended learning outcomes

The intended learning outcomes define what a learner will have acquired and will be able to do upon successfully completing their studies in a particular upper secondary school programme.

The intended learning outcomes for the Technology Programme (

Programme structure

In the programme structure, you can see which subjects and courses are included in the educational programme. You can also see how many credits are earned for each course.

Programme structure for the Technology Programme (pdf)


Design and Product Development

  • You will learn about design and product development with a focus on computer-controlled design and construction.

Information and Media Technology

  • You will learn about technologies related to information, communication and various media, such as computer communication, programming, digital media and web development.

Production Technology

  • You will learn about production and entrepreneurship, including aspects such as automation and the control of production lines.

Community Planning and the Environment

  • You will learn about community planning, the environment and architecture, areas in which technology is as important a consideration as ecology, appearance and economy.

Engineering Sciences

  • You will learn about engineering scientific working methods and tools for mathematical modelling, simulation, control and regulation.

A fourth year – become a certified upper secondary school engineer

After the Technology Programme, you conduct a fourth year of studies to become a certified upper secondary school engineer. The education mixes in-school teaching with workplace-based learning and provides good opportunities for finding a job immediately after graduation.

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Diploma project

At the end of the Technology Programme, you must complete a diploma project. You must formulate a question and plan and carry out, and then evaluate a large project that is based on important areas of knowledge within the programme.

After the programme

The education lays the foundation for further studies in technology and natural sciences at the university level. You will also meet the entry requirements for higher education in more fields of study.

After graduation, I’m going to work, save up money, and travel. I have no plans and don’t know yet whether I will continue my studies or in what field I would do that, but the opportunity will always be there.

Amelie / student in the Technology Programme specialising in Design and Product Development

University entry requirements fulfilled upon graduation

If you want to fulfil the specific entry requirements for a particular higher education programme, it is important to plan your studies. If you want to continue your studies, it is a good idea to speak with a study and career counsellor.

You always have the right to choose an additional course in Physical Education and Health and an aesthetic course as one of your electives.

Use the entry requirements viewer to see the higher education programmes which you are eligible to apply to after graduation

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