Recreation centres

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The recreation centre is for pupils between the ages of 6 and 13. It is open before and after school hours and during school breaks when parents are working or studying.

Sex fritidselever som står i bredd och ler.

The recreation centres supplement the education in the pre-school class and school up through year 6. The objective of the recreation centres is to stimulate pupil development and learning and offer them a meaningful leisure time. At the same time, the recreation centre makes it possible for parents to combine parenthood with gainful employment.

Activities in the recreation centre

The recreation centre supplements school in two ways:

  • By welcoming pupils during the part of the day that they are not in school and during breaks.
  • By giving the pupils partly different experiences and knowledge than what they get in school.

Together, the pre-school class, school and recreation centre shall contribute to the pupils’ all-round development and learning. The education shall make use of the pupils’ desire to learn and should be based on the pupils’ needs, interests and experiences. The activities shall be adapted to pupils having different circumstances.

The recreation centres are open year-round except on major Swedish holidays and Saturday-Sunday. The pupils have an opportunity to be there daytime before and after school and at times adapted to the parents’ work or studies and to the pupils’ needs.

The recreation centres are often coordinated with school. The coordination can involve staff, premises and the educational activities.

For pupils ages 10 to 13, the municipality can also operate open recreation activities. Open recreation activities are an educational activity in a group for pupils in years 4 to 6. Open recreation activities are voluntary and, through educational activities, shall supplement the education in compulsory school and equivalent types of school. The activities do not offer care and supervision in the same way as a recreation centre, but rather offer activities that are adapted to the age group.

Who goes to the recreation centre?

The municipalities are obliged to offer education in recreation centres to pupils from 6 years of age to the end of the spring semester of the year that the pupil turns 13, whose parents are gainfully employed or study, or if the pupil has a need of his or her own due to the family’s situation otherwise.

Education in recreation centres shall be offered as soon as it becomes apparent that the pupil has a need for such a place. The education shall be offered at, or near, the school unit where the pupil attends school. Pupils who due to physical, mental or other reasons need special support in their development shall be offered education at a recreation centre.


The municipalities may charge a reasonable fee for a place at a recreation centre. The size of the fee is determined by the parents’ income level. Today, all municipalities use a system with a fee ceiling. The ceiling means an upper limit for how high the fee can be for different families.

All municipalities use a system with a ceiling. The fee ceiling means an upper limit for how high the fee can be for different families.

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